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Search Engine Optimization has grown to be crucial for webmasters, bloggers and web designers. It is viewed as outstanding innovation as it not only helps in making popular the website but also in retaining the quality of the websites. It takes a lot of time and efforts to make a website more popular.

Sometimes, being aware of which strategies are valuable and will essentially strengthen a websites ranking and which techniques are just myths and may even restrict in ranking well.

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Age factor of the Domain:
Many SEO experts have a viewpoint that the longer time your domain has been in lifetime, it thought to be the most trusted and reliable and this is a great benefit for ranking. The fact is that Google does have consideration to the age of your domain but it has very minor influence on how it ranks your website.

Use of Keyword Meta Tags:
Several professionals and web developers advise introducing Meta keywords to all the web pages in order to enhance the ranking. But it is also true that it is a monotonous process that requires a lot of time but has very little effect on how your website is rated. It is quite popular to go throughout articles all over the internet that suggests use of suitable keywords for Meta tags to get observed by search engines. Google states that you invest no time on placing keywords to Meta tags. The fact is that Google pays absolutely no attention to Meta tags. Firstly, Google has focus on the Meta title tag instead of the Meta Keyword Tag.

Update your Website/Blog Frequently:
It is also a good practice to keep updating your website almost every day. Regularly upgrading your website could be valuable for your readers. In spite of, you are blogging to keep your readers up-to-date about your business or if you are blogging simply because you enjoy it, one thing that is still true that blogs must be regularly updated in an effort to be popular. And the key fact about the regular updating is that to keep the readers on a frequent schedule which could be weekly, fortnightly or even monthly.

Keyword Specific Domain:
This belief could be thought to be a tricky. Having a domain name relevant to your targeted keyword or content assists the users to bear in mind your domain name. So picking out the right domain could be a reason to enhance your search engine rankings.
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