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SEO Tips : How To Find Good Keywords For Your Site

Where to Find Profitable Keywords

For search engine optimization the most important part of your article is the title. A proper title (headline) can get you on page one of Google faster than any thing else. A proper title is one that contains keywords that people are searching for.
Don’t just rely on what comes to mind. When I started out, I would ask myself what I would search for. That is a good starting point but it is not the way to find your keywords. I did that many times and I found myself not ranking well at all.

Now, I know how to to find the proper keywords and I’m going to show you how to do that too.

Today I thought I’d write a story about how to find good content to write about. My first title was “How To Find Good Content.” But first, I did some research on that title. The title is my keyword.

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Google provides one for free that will get you started. You can find this tool as part of Google Adwods. You will need to create an account with Google if you don’t already have one. Once you log into Google Adwords click on “Reporting and Tools” and the click on “Keyword Tool.”

I thought this would be a good keyword. I see people talking about it on forums all the time. When I plugged that title into my keyword tool I found no searches. Eeek, that’s not good because no one is looking for that. You need to confirm that someone is actually searching for your keyword.

So I tried a few other titles that I thought would be good. Again, I found nothing. Finally, I researched “write about” and I found a keyword with over 500 searches a day. I found “Topics To Write About” is a keyword. While “write about” has far more searches it isn’t specific enough. You generally want to narrow the focus of your article. This also lowers your competition and gets you targeted traffic.

A second point to consider when researching keywords is check the results in Google by actually searching for it. You want to consider how much competition there is for that keyword.

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