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Get more quality client/customers with the help of Google search. We will help you to make your website get higher rank in Search engine results like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. We provide the service worldwide based in Mumbai, India.
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Connect over 500 million Social Media user as a marketing tool

We believe that Social Media is the catalyst in enhancing your online marketing strategy, enabling you to truly connect with your customer.

  • Start by listening
  • Put the social media policy in place.
  • Publish content to youtube, Flickr, Slideshare etc and embed on your website.
  • Share updates on Facebook/Twitter/G+ provide a context to your company and business
  • Social Media optimization - SMO steps

    What is SMO - Social Media Optimization ?

    Social Media Optimization is a very important activity which involves optimization of WebPages so that they are more likely to be shared and discussed over popular social media channels. Social media optimization is most effective in increasing the traffic on the website rather than focusing on the websites ranking in the major search engines. However, once you become popular and search engines notice it, they will definitely count it while ranking your website.

    Social media optimization is about how other people help your future customers find you.

    While Social media Optimization is similar to search engine marketing, both differ in some ways. SMO helps to drive traffic from social networking sites & search engines by improving search engine ranking. SMO is a technique to attract visitors on a website from your networks on social networking sites. SMO is one of the best techniques for online promotion & increase brand awareness. With the growing popularity of social networking sites like facebook, twitter, Linkedin etc., SMO plays a very important role in online marketing. SEO’s think that SMO is a link building method but it is trust building between you and your readers of posts, customers of your company.

    The primary objective of SMO is to produce successful marketing results by creating a social buzz about the client’s site using various social marketing venues and services

    Social Media Optimization is all about making your content as easy to find for users as possible. Now that you have optimized your website for social media, it is time for you to optimize your blog for social media channels and make it easily available for online visitors.

    Social Media Optimization (SMO) allows you to assess how social networks generate results for your company, looking to improve and maximize interaction with your customers.

    The SMO benefits you will enjoy -

  • Increased traffic to your Web site (SEO).
  • Understand what people think of your company and your brand.
  • Added value to your branding, company and Web site.
  • Allows you to create a closer relationship with your customers
  • Increased provision of user feedback in real time.
  • Improving business results (sales, contact, promotion, relationship)
  • Affordable. You won't have to pay an expensive marketing company or higher a new employee.
  • Spend time focusing on your business rather than marketing.
  • SMO training and setup services.
  • An additional outlet to find your business.
  • Stand above your competition.

  • Main Objective to show the different alternatives of promotion and advertising through the use of social networks and enable its application within any business or organization following some recommendations. 
    (Social Media Optimization is a term that refers to the set of mechanisms and strategies that are used to generate social media advertising. The use of social networks have the following benefits 
    • Provides information about what customers think of your company, business or brand. 
    • Goes directly to customers as people and not as "segments" or "objective". 
    • You can have a multiplier effect if known properly manage. 
    • Allows up to date regarding rising trends. • Increase the popularity of your business by enabling add your link to a list of favorites or bookmarks. 
    • Allows content to be portable and easily shared. • Promotes collaboration for the growth of a website. 
    • Visits -> Conversion -> Loyalty -> Feedback. 
    • The word of mouth is the most reliable form of communication and influence. 
    • Improve the ways HR recruitment. (Networks like LinkedIn, are oriented networks professional profiles) 
    • Allows monitoring competition since pages or profiles are public. 
    • Provide new distribution channels. 
    • A way of service delivery and customer communication more directly. 
    • The ability to channel marketing efforts for lead generation and therefore sales. Facts to consider 
    • Two-thirds of the global Internet population visit social networks, and this is done more than once a day. 
    • Visit social networks is the 4th most popular online activity. 
    • The use of social networks  increases by 82% in one year. 

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