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Link building strategy/planning - Internet Marketing

The link building is to build a whole network of links to enhance our organic positioning. It is one of the main strategies of SEO. A Link Building strategy brings many benefits to your site: help indexing site deeper pages, create new points of contact with your customers and potential market, makes the domain of your site and its individual pages, stronger. This way, your site conquest the best positions in the rankings of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing also starting to get more organic traffic.

The combination of strong link building campaign, great content and optimizing your web pages through SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization), done with the site reach its full potential and can make good positions in search engines for your keywords.

Establishing a link building strategy is vital to gain positions to a website. The link building is the right hand of SEO , is one of the variables responsible for granting a good long-term organic positioning the domain worked.

For those readers who do not know, we could define link building as the mechanism to get links to our domain artificially, but pretending that we have done naturally .

This article will offer an overview and discuss the different point-to-point link building strategies that you can employ in our SEO projects. It is a hard work , as the main tools of digital marketing, and involves planning strategies at different levels.

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Planning for link building

Before starting work planning link building is carried out, so that members of the team in charge (manager, link builders and content editors) can know the content of your site and the characteristics of its niche, and to outline the strategy to be implemented. In this planning phase you make a content analysis of customer and market competitors, define the keywords that work in action, as well as groups of terms that will work in each period, we analyze the ranking of desired terms - in order to define the key factors that influence a ranking, searches are performed by different types of sites for link building, you define the best method and timing of the action.

More to the point, do link building is not synonymous with doing link exchanges , is much more than that. Investing in strategies to achieve links to our site may have a return on investment very interesting, or otherwise harmful. Nothing worse than having invested in campaigns for links "thrown away" by their poor quality, or worse yet, get to have in our blogroll the familiar "link farm" to pay our backlinks.

Let us see some points to consider when preparing our plan strategies to improve Yahoo linkdomain without losing face.

Prospecting & Analysing

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is by far the most laborious part of the guest blogging process. I’ve got a couple of shortcuts for you though and some sources which I use to find guest posting opportunities.

First and foremost – don’t just guest post within your own bubble. Look for new connections that can be drawn with content, perhaps exploring new markets and sourcing completely fresh links.

Set analysis parameters sites

Why? Because you must put a line that says that yes, this does. For example, consider that inbound links should come from sites with PageRank greater than or equal to 3 and have some standing. The link builder usually very quickly analyze any site to accept or discard in the process of getting links What factors are taken into account?

• PageRank

• Inbound links the site receives the homepage and internal pages

• Domain Registration Date

• IP

• Number of links on Blogroll and Footer

• Possible penalties

Overall, while it is true that the PageRank is not an effective indicator of traffic, in the world of link building is still used as test parameter. Also keep in mind that "every law has a loophole" and there is the counterpart strategies can actually damage us even offering inbound links from a high PR.

This is when a webmaster decides to "burn" a high PR domain of probation advantage that gives Google ranking between revisions (approx. 3 months). At this time, they may decide to take a lot of links to any site in exchange for links to a third site that would be the biggest beneficiary of all this. So, not only just the PR, we must be wary of a site that has high PR and suffer a sudden update , have little content or see who is compulsively exchanging links or questionable practices.

Moreover, the start date of the site or the domain is also relative (and see that nothing is automatic in this task) but in general, sites with greater seniority are more respectable and is supposed to have a more ethical way to handle for optimum positioning.

The IP is considered . Google will not consider links coming from the same IP, so the links do not work too coming from domains. or. or similar (subdomains). These IPs are often repeated batch and no link is better than a bad link existing evaluated.

Sites with too many links in blogroll or footer , visible sites linked from the home page that clearly show selling links, advertorials excess, excess affiliates, are places that we should avoid .

Beyond PR, be a matter of time before these sites begin to fall in traffic and inbound link positioning and our worthless.

Digital Brand Outreach

We create and promote content through our unique service. Our writers produce texts consisting of a wide variety of languages ;​​which then reach the owners and editors of prestigious websites. Content links to our customers. This method is more valuable to everyone involved, especially for the people visiting the websites.

As part of Digital Brand Outreach, we can also make and publish thematic articles, press releases and blog posts.

The link directories

We will have to develop a list of link directories or directory contents that will submit articles with links to the domain incoming position. There are directories that do not ask to be "linkee" as part of the process, avoid (especially if your site is new) remove links to directories.

Linking business naturally

As part of our goal to create strong links with web masters, we suggest the natural relationships between our clients and partner sites. In this way we create value for all involved.

Link exchange

The typical link exchange should be reduced. The "I give, you give me" should be avoided or keptto a minimum number per month (which depend on us to get new content on the website).

Today most sites are satellite sites that are well crafted and functions to support the growth of the website or domain. In fact, one of the results has been the rise of blog networks in recent years. Even corporate websites have chosen to have blogs that allow even get to accompany linkbuilding links.

Directory Submission

Although the value of directories is not what it used to be, our clients see great results when supplementing with quality links submission to directories as they are carefully selected.

Exchange triangular

It's like a common exchange, although a priori may seem more complex, it is less obvious and more and more used. Basically it is an exchange in which the domains are not linked . The domain A to C and C linkea linkea to B, where A and B of the same administrator, for example.

The exchange may also be performed in batches of 4 domains and to try to be more subtle, IPs are used to effect different links. Should manage different websites, it is noteworthy that it is good to have more than 4 or 5 domains to the same IP . Furthermore, because this will serve on the next point.

Guest posting communities

My favourite community for this is MyBlogGuest. There are usually plenty of opportunities, sometimes really strong opportunities you just need to do a bit of wading.

If you can deal with the “warrior-forum-esque” individuals MBG seems to attract there are some smart people with great websites you can partner with.

Always worthwhile throwing up a forum post saying you are looking for places to guest post, it’s so quick and easy to do you’d be crazy to miss out since more often than not we always find at least one relevant guest blogging opportunity via this method.

Internal links

Having multiple domains is a good strategy to have fresh links as they want for our star. Of course, if the links are from the same IP, will begin to have no effect, so we have seen above, the use of multiple IPs .

Internal links can occur within the same domain as well, and it is important that these are as natural as possible. Bind the category is a good strategy LinkSculpting that any SEO worth their salt should not forget perform.

Premium Links

Ultimately, depending on our expectations we get to buy links . Of course, taking into account all of the above. The anchor text is a detail that I have not yet mentioned, but which is of vital importance to inbound links are of value.

The anchor text should match the keywords we pursue to position, so the link building should be

more than clear project objectives to position.


Linkbait (bait for links)

Our talented team will help you create the content type (or widgets) that everyone wants to find and link from their sites. You will be pleased to make you both free. See for example what we did for Language Trainers with , there were created only 284 links to the website of the company.

Economic strategies

If you do not have too much money, maybe I will have time. And it has been seen as a positive strategy to develop websites free domains satellites whose purpose is to link our site. The idea is interesting but it takes time and patience, because you grow sites "free" pure lung and then use them to make links takes a lot of time and a lot of work.

Social Networks

Much more entertaining is the social media management, faster and more effective . Looking topics "hot" or Trend Topics that are in vogue and that the site can be useful to position, we get traffic from social networks and referents.

Sure, and here is a point that I have not touched yet, the links are nofollow but still, this has a positive effect on the curve of long-term traffic, and as we all know, more traffic, more likely to have these links being the icing on the cake.

Finally, the natural links that we fall from the sky, it will be more interesting or content we offer good quality service to the Internet community.

I hope you find interesting these link building strategies, but remember that link building is the only one of the variables to consider in organic positioning or SEO.

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