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Importance of adding Google +1 button to your blog

The +1 button allows users to discover relevant content (a website, a Google search result or an advert) for users who already know and trust. Adding the +1 button to your pages, users can recommend your content to friends and contacts so that they see the recommendation through search results on Google far more relevant. When a user who has logged into your Google account you search, you may see your piece of Google search results with an annotation that includes the names of user connections that have +1's of your page. If any of the user's connections has +1's of your page, you may see in the overall number of fragment received total count of +1 on your page.

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Content recommended by friends/references and acquaintances is often more relevant than recommending strangers. For example, an expert critique of a film is useful, but what makes a friend who shares your tastes can be even better. So +1 annotation from friends and contacts can be useful for Google to determine the relevance of your page to a user query. This is one of many indicators that Google can use to determine the ranking and relevance of a page. We modify and constantly improving our algorithm to improve the overall quality of searches. As we do with all new classification indicators, carefully implement the +1 button and we will analyze how they affect the quality of search results. (source Google goes for more information) Now that you know the importance of 1 + button on the search results, rating, traffic, ads, now places the button on our blog!. To do this we enter only the following link http webmasters +1 button if you want to add the button so as we (on par with the title of the entry) only just paste your code after tag.

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