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Search engine optimization is a group of methods which will increase the chances of your content to be found; combined with articles, your content will not only rank well but gain many benefits from traffic, branding and the ability to display your expertise. The following article will explain what SEO content is in full detail.

? What is SEO content writing?

Unlike writing casually, SEO writing consists of applying search engine optimization to your articles with the intent to rank them high within search engines. In an SEO-friendly article, you will be writing with keywords in mind but never forget that content is meant to be read by humans which is why an SEO article will still be very legible to the readers.

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? What factors make a great SEO-friendly article?

There are three fundamental factors for SEO articles:

? Keyword selection - the keyword you decide to base your article around.

? Title - this should include your main keywords and also be enticing to gain clicks

? Content - your content should also include your keywords but also be very informative

Of course, there are other factors such as anchor text, keyword density and html tags but the just of it will be writing great content, using the correct keywords and optimizing your content by keeping it within focus throughout the entirety of its length.

? How to find the best keywords for your SEO article

Because keywords are such an important factor for an SEO article, this article will further explain the keyword selection process:

You can guess keywords to be used in your articles but it's best to rely on hard data; use free or paid keyword tools - these tools will display actually keywords internet users type into search engines in order to find content. Write a list of the main keywords related to a subject and be prepared to use them within the various elements of your content as described previously.

? How to write a strong SEO-friendly article

Finally, when you're getting to business writing your article you should always be aware of how often you use your keywords within your article. If you pay particular close attention to this own article you will notice multiple mentions of SEO or search engine optimization; it's meant to flow naturally but they are strategically place to help this article rank within SERPs. Create your content in a like-minded fashion but always keep it information as a human will be reading it on the other end of the screen.

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