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SEO Factors for Anchor Text

Do you know what are the factors considered by search engines when ranking your website? This article explains three of them - the anchor text, the number of outgoing links and file size. Read on to find out how to work with these SEO factors and what to do to optimize your website correctly.
SEO Factor # 1: 
Text Anchor outgoing links least one of the factors known in the page SEO. No need to link to other websites using keywords, but you should make sure that you link to related websites. Avoid linking to bad neighborhood called - the sites that was created with the sole purpose of putting links in them. These link farms and other sites of controversy that should never be linked to your domain.

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SEO factor 2: 
Number of outbound links. Google should have a reasonable number of links on a single page. They suggest you put no more than 100 external links on a page. External links on a single page too is a mark that the site is a link farm possible. If you need to make a lot of outbound links on your website, is divided into several pages.
SEO Factor # 3: 
size - smaller is better. Smaller files can be downloaded more quickly so it is a sign of quality and websites like get some "points" by the search engines. To make the file smaller, use CSS instead of table design. Google recommends to keep the file size under 100 KB, but if you can make smaller is better.
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