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SEO strategy for business website success

To develop a successful SEO strategy we must use our minds more technical , or more marketiniana , not the board ... We must use all of them at once!

1. Think SEO from minute one

The SEO loses much of its effectiveness if not considered from the first definition of the marketing strategy and of course, in all subsequent phases: SEO work never ends .
Do not forget to keep up with developments in the Google algorithm and tries to innovate every day, every week and every month. Website Optimization and Google are constantly evolving, and that's why our site must also be. They are usually the quickest to implement those innovations that benefit most.
"Our success depends directly on the SEO web, think he is thinking about results."

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2. Unlike your other site

You are about to launch your website and it's clear that you offer something spectacular, but still you have to ask ...  Why would anyone want to visit my site?
All companies claim to have something that makes them amazing, but there are few who really have. Of those few that stand out from the average, even fewer that get pass it correctly to its users.
"Have a wonderful website is useless if your visitors do not realize how great it is."
Get your website to be unique in something, however small, Stand out from the competition in something that adds value to your visitors, whether lower prices, better customer service, free shipping, exclusive content and more detailed ...
"Not just about getting users to visit your website, but to make them stay, come back and recommend you to their circles."

3. SEO Mindset

Website Optimization is something that should be in the DNA of all members of the company. Obviously not everyone is turning into professionals: it is impossible and would not make sense, but I recommend doing all understand its importance and encourage internal communication. The latter is not a requirement SEO, is actually a universal requirement to make things run smoothly, the case of the question!
"Do not underestimate the power of SEO and communication."
You need to know the goals and motivations of the other teams in your company for the projects come to fruition. For example, it may seem that the heads just want more profit and better SEO rankings in Google, the truth is that you need to get SEO benefits, and benefits needed to invest and develop a successful SEO strategy. It is a circle that eventually all have the same goal (but sometimes do not know).  

4. It has a good professional SEO

Although now fashionable and many want to jump on the bandwagon, search engine optimization can not do either. It is not enough to have read four posts or book the sea of good positioning, looking for someone with experience and success stories behind them.
"It has a good professional SEO and will ensure the success of your project online."
For lack of professionalism and ignorance, are still carried out using SEO strategies outdated techniques and can be very counterproductive. For example: in the early days of web optimization field we used meta-keywords to indicate the form of keywords for which our pages were to be found. As if some clueless still do not know, that field is no longer considered by Google for years, or what is the same thing is useless.Well, actually it does serve to something: to make it easy for your competition when trying to decipher your marketing strategy. Unfortunately, there are still many pages I find using this field and other techniques obsolete.

5. SEO + Common Sense = Success

Help yourself SEO guides and checklists of SEO mistakes  to ensure that the implementation of your strategy is on track, but beware not to apply either of these techniques mathematically. Instead, stop and think about the time you spend on each task and the benefits it will bring.
"The balance between SEO and common sense will lead to success."
We should not, for example, waste time in getting the perfect percentage of keywords in our page so that the search engine to identify them. Instead, write a high quality text on the topic that interests you and that desired keyword density perfect come alone without beads or stones.
No more work exclusively to please the search engines, should now focus on providing the best user experience and content, and thus unknowingly be doing SEO.
That does not mean that the search engine optimization techniques are not necessary or can not multiply your traffic, and much can!  What it means is that we must not lose the north and we must always remember that our end user will be a user, valued as a person (and not machine) our website.

6. Linkbuilding and social networks

Use techniques linkbuilding and extend your presence to social networks . Each sector has different needs: what is good for some is not for others. Therefore, we must analyze the market, our target audience and our expertise to develop a customized strategy.
Not only will get more visits to our website, but also will heighten the viral effect, give visibility to our brand and expand our circle of contacts.
"The  link building  and social media are increasingly fundamental elements of SEO strategy of any web project."

7. Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

It is absolutely mandatory to use  Google Analytics  and Webmaster Tools  to measure your results and traffic study. The market is changing, and changing faster online market yet. We know our visitors understand why others are not, find out how they interact with our website and, based on all that, redefine the strategy for each new period.
"There is no measuring the SEO results."
There are also situations in which positions in the search results may have a value, depending on the objectives of the website.
I think most websites have their SEO goals should start with growth in visits from search engines. But a top 500 company attaches often also value the visibility in search engines by category or product related queries (besides brand-related searches, but you score always great).
Due to the personalization of search results, and thus the shifts in positions, you better measure whether the site eg in the top 3, top 5 or top 10 songs. Most websites are not 'major brands' rankings which mean so little to measure SEO success.

How do you measure the success of SEO then?

We now know that the positions of your web pages in the search results becoming less reliable in determining the success of search engine optimization. But how do you measure it?
There are many ways to measure the success of SEO, but let me look in my eyes a few key performance indicators of SEO as:
  • Growth of visits from search engines
  • Growth of visits per keyword from search engines
  • Growth of conversions from search engines
  • Growth of conversions for each keyword from search engines

1. Growth of visits from search engines

A key performance indicator for understanding the success of SEO that is easy to measure (and that says more than rankings), the growth of visitors from search engines. Clearly, these are the natural results and not the sponsored search results.

2. Growth of visits per keyword from search engines

A simple but effective addition to the first performance indicator is the growth of visitors from search engines per keyword.
With search engine optimization you will be often concerned with optimizing web pages for specific keywords. Therefore, the growth of visits per keyword from search engines a good picture of the success of your SEO.
Which web pages come visit inside?
With this performance indicator is interesting to measure at which web pages visit from search engines on the selected keywords enters.
If it is good, of course the web pages you've optimized for specific keywords. But with the more generic keywords and / or web pages with similar content is interesting which page (s) visit the lands.

3. Growth of conversions from search engines

Each site has one or more objectives that you want visitors to accomplish. It is important to measure the visitors of your website visitors to convert any (potential) customers, or any other actions of visitors to your objectives.
If you specifically want to know the success of SEO, then you need to measure how the visit of the (natural) search results convert. Again, a conversion can almost every action of his visitors and depends on your goals.
No matter what your position in the search results. It does not matter how many visits you receive from a search engine. But it does matter what the quality of the visits from search engines! And measuring conversions is an excellent indicator.

4. Growth of conversions for each keyword from search engines

This performance indicator did you naturally arrive  To better insight into the success of your search engine optimization efforts, you measure the growth of conversions for each keyword from search engines.
This indicator tells you which is whether the keywords that you have optimized web pages visit yields the desired quality.
If not? Then there might be something wrong with the conversion path or user friendliness. Or maybe you optimize it for the wrong keyword. One would be if you have no idea of ​​the success of your SEO would only evaluate rankings.
Quality of visit
The 4 above performance indicators of search engine optimization give significantly better insight into the success of SEO than positions in search results. But of course you can still go into determining the quality of visitors from search engines.
Take one of these performance indicators and look for example at the bounce rate (bounce rate), time on site, and the percentage of repeat visitors. In themselves, these indicators are not much, but look at the growth and trends.
Take the bounce rate of a web page that you have optimized for a particular keyword on? It probably means that you are at the right keyword targets and that the seeker finds what he or she needs.
Does the refusal percentage for that webpage? Then you may focus on the wrong keyword.

No absolute indicators

These indicators that say more about the quality of your visit, however, no absolute measurement units that you can let go on any website.
Sometimes it is a high time to the site a good signal, such as a blog longer writes articles. But for example in a shop can drone just mean that the visitors do not find what they are looking for.
That goes for indicators such refusal and returning visitors. So look much more than the performance indicator itself.
How does the web look like? And what is the purpose of the page? As for content, the web? And how does the conversion process look like? Ask yourself these and other questions in the interpretation of such indicators.

Baseline measurement

Before you start with search engine optimization is important to do a baseline on all performance indicators that you will use.
Then start with search engine optimization and periodically measuring your growth from this baseline. This gives you much better than rankings, insight into the success of your SEO efforts.

Web analytics

It will be no surprise that a web analytics package is needed above performance indicators for search engine optimization measure. The choice of a package depends on factors such as your goals, requirements and experience with web analytics.
All the above performance indicators are in any case to measure the free web analytics packages Google Analytics, Yahoo Index Tools or Microsoft adCenter Analytics.

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