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How to do Social Media Marketing

In small businesses where there are plans to adopt marketing strategies online you will find this booklet useful. It focuses on the use of marketing techniques social media to promote your business. You might even read this brochure with other publications in the series, such as "Increase traffic to your site Web with search engine optimization "and" effective display advertising
Internet ", in order to better understand the different marketing strategies online.

What marketing Social Media?

The social media marketing allows you to use social media sites to improve its visibility Internet and promote products and services. The social media sites are useful for structuring social and business networks and to exchange ideas and knowledge. Social networking is part of a new trend known as Web 2.0. this trend relates to the new way  of doing employed by users and developers software on the web. Thus, applications are more collaborative, which increases creativity and the exchange of knowledge, he is a more interactive and responsive the user, which allows users to contribute and collaborate on the web with applications and open services. Therefore, it is essential that the content is accessible to the user, must be able to create this content, share it, to review the layout and the goals.
Some technologies available and affordable p. ex. Ajax (it is a method for structuring applications interactive for the Web, which handles requests users immediately) and distributions RSS (Real Simple Syndication) support the principles of Web 2.0 such as "autonomy of users." The social media marketing has use of podcasts, to wikis, blogs to folksonomies, videos online, sharing photos and news, message boards and posting on social networking sites to reach a large audience or targeted.

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Social Media Marketing

Five reasons to use social media to promote small businesses

1. You can reach many people more spontaneously without incurring significant advertising 
2. The use of blogs and sites Social networking can increase or commercial traffic to your 
website from other social media websites. In turn, this may improve the ranking of your page
in the results of the main drivers of research and increase traffic to your site.
3. Strategy related to social media combined other marketing strategies, p. ex. a
paid advertising campaign.
4. You can establish your credibility by participating in relevant forums and answering questions that are asked.
5. The social media sites contain information such as user profiles, which can used to target a particular group of users for advertising. Given these significant benefits, there seems to be little risk to use media marketing social. However, in addition to the precautions that we have outlined above concerning Internet security, one major constraints to this marketing technique relates to time spent on participation social media sites.

Advice on the use of social media sites to promote your business

1. Contribute, collaborate, inform, educate but do not sell. Marketing Social media differs from paid advertising. Instead of adopting an approach based on sales (ie d. directly promote your product), rather looking for ways to help and inform your target audience. For example, try to provide information useful and credible, which will build your reputation and build relationships with your customers.
2. Create a high quality content. Whether you have joined a social networking site, put in develop your own blog or you participate in a blog, you must develop a good content, of excellent quality. What type of information your target audience will find useful there?
3. Start modestly and get support on successful you get. you can familiarize yourself with the operation sites social media providing comments on other blogs or opening your own blog. If you own a small company focused on services, you can visit "Yahoo! Answers. "This website gives you a way to share your knowledge with people seek this type of Information. 
4. Leave your name and your URL when you leave comment other blogs. This will encourage users to go on your site especially if you have provided useful information and interesting.
5. Consider running videos or photos. If you know you use a video camera, you might consider making a video of practical applications or a tour of your business. Can broadcast these videos on social media sites appropriate (eg. YouTube). You can also take pictures of your product and distribute them to interested people (through Flickr for example). One caveat, however - avoid using these sites to selling tactics invasive or aggressive.
6. Sign up online groups or mailing lists that cover topics related to products and services you offer. Create links with these groups and offer information and assistance.
7. Try to understand how social media sites. These sites all deal with ways of creating links and collaborate. Adopt an approach helpful collaborative, and participate actively. In general, these sites adopt rules against the aggressive sales tactics.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social networks and social media are all online platforms that, through the philosophy of Web 2.0, allowing users to interact and share all types of multimedia documents. Within these platforms is possible to find such well-known sites like YouTube, MySpace or Facebook. Given the increasingly important presence of these social networks in the Internet environment, it is essential to integrate the online marketing strategy of the organization to utilize their advantages.
The constant updating these pages and philosophy of interaction between users to share information and opinions that search engines get very positively valued links and documents included therein. To make that positive impact on a website is necessary to prepare a customized strategy and methodical work, ie make social media marketing.

How we manage social media marketing? 

For social media marketing, one of the most important keys is to establish a personalized plan with a team that knows the tools of interaction in social networks, taking into account the philosophy of free opinion of these platforms.It is essential to understand the target audience to interact with and do not try to force opinions or comments. The benefits of social networks can tip in reviews should try to trick users.
Apart from the traditional model of communication in which the company or institution communicated to an audience that could not offer replica, social networks present a new model 
of participatory communication. Success is to achieve adapt to this situation and act honestly to the public.
The main objectives can be fulfilled with Social media marketing online are: 
  • Create or enhance the image of a brand or company on the Internet. 
  • Help manage online reputation. 
  • Promote to increase search engine rankings presence in search engine results. 
  • Increase website hits through external links.

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