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Social Media Optimization Monitoring

Knowing Social Media Social Monitoring Media Methodology for Generating monitor monitoring results Media Social Social Media Metrics Social Media Monitoring involves tracking and processing information on a topic or brand on the web and social networks based on clear objectives and metrics to evaluate results Allows strategies and make decisions aimed at establishing a closer relationship with Consumer Knowing the Social Media Monitoring Why monitor? Identify relevant topics relevant Platforms User Content Relevant Talks Crawl own content Responsiveness to Generate interact or respond to crises Knowing the Social Media Monitoring to monitor Channels Bots Videocasts Comments User Blogs Microblogs profiles Webs Content Widgets Social Bookmarks News Podcasts Wikis

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Methodology for monitoring social media

Methodology Social Media Monitoring ADD INCREASE PARTICIPATION ARCHIVARDESCUBRIR track all methodology revolves around establishing and optimizing capacity for talks on Social Media channels.
1. Discovering conversation Locate comments relevant to users and the goals set by the company. There are tools for tracking Social Media. Radian6 Nielsen lists keywords Alerts Cymfony
2. Adding conversation By using RSS aggregators and content is crawled blogs and stores them for later analysis and use. Google Reader My Yahoo! Netvibes Trucast
3. Intensifying conversation goes from being an observer to generate a capacity to respond to content or mentions of a brand. It set out a series of plans and guidelines for optimal performance in Social Media. This work is done based on the analysis and data collection previously made.
4. Participating in conversation The strategy at this stage will depend on the type of business, the objectives and the audience that is targeted. It can be done directly with comments, tweets, posts, emails and others. Indirectly, used bookmarks, tags, bookmarks, "likes", etc..
5. Through conversation tracking tool or manually to crawl all content in which you are participating. This should be done regardless of the channel where the interaction occurs.
6. This conversation archiving medium is important to store: Frequency and patterns of conversation topics valuation sources link to content keywords Mentions

Generating social media monitoring results

Generating Quality Traffic results Critics interested in issues of users who comment content Redistributors frequent visitors or subscribers to feed monitoring should also attract users to generate better interactions for the brand and long-term results.
Generating quality results Data Monitoring should provide useful information to make decisions and develop strategies for the future.
Generating Long term work results The results of monitoring work and Social Media are 
medium to long term. The actions and strategies must also be raised that way.

Social Media Metrics

Social Media Metrics Based on objetivosLas traditional metrics are not effective or useful for social media monitoring. Ex: direct sales, direct reduction of costs, increase market share, etc.. Environment requires indicators aligned campaign objectives or brand presence in 
Social Media.
Social Media Metrics Target Brand Engagement Brand Awareness Word of MouthCanal 
• Unique visitors • Members • References to other blog • Return visits • RSS Subscribers media (online and offline) • Appearances • Comments • ReblogsBlogs markers • • Content Ranking in search • User Generated published elsewhere Banners • Average time on site locations • Responses to requests • Likes • Tweets on brand • Number of followers • RetweetsMicroblogs • Rating • Responses via @ tweets (Twitter) • Number of seguidoresCo-creation • Visits • Attempts creation • Project References in other channels (NIKEiD) Markers • Tag Count • Followers • Additional Tagger (Delicious) Most metrics revolve around times that amount or share content is accessed, and the valuations that they give users or brand
Social Media Metrics Target Brand Engagement Brand Awareness Word of MouthCanal • • Topics and Pageviews • Links to relevant discussions page • Unique visits • Individual responses • Dating sitesForos and other content • Rating • Number of hits • Labels markers References • Forum odiscusiones offline users (Google • In private communities: Groups) amount of content posted and xrefs • "Likes" • Number of revisions • Extension • Number of revisions revisions • Rating • Relevance of revisions to revisions • Rating revisions to the brand • Assessment of other users to the marcaSites of • Number and Rate a review • Assessment of other users to the review • Inclusion in wish lists to the revisiónrevisión • Inclusion in lists of "wants" • Overall Quantity User review • References to other (Amazon) • Listing of valuing lists sites reviews • Average user rating • Visits to the product review • Inclusion in user lists
Social Media Metrics Target Brand Engagement Brand Awareness Word of MouthCanal • Members or fans • Comments • Frequency of occurrence in • Number of applications • Active users installed contactosRedes timeline feeds • Likes to friends • Number of posts in muroSociales • Impressions • User-generated content • Number of reposts and links (Facebook, markers • Appearances • Using shared applications or widgets • Reviews • Ratio impressions and evaluations - interactions • Responses to invitations deLinkedIn) • Average followers friend activity • Number of views to photos or • Answers • Tags or incrustacionesCompartir videos • Pages • Links entrantesfotos views and videos • Rating photos or videos • Comments • References • Subscribers derivative works (Flickr, or references enYoutube • Publications) other online and offline channels • "Likes "Most metrics revolve around quantity times you access or share content, as well as ratings that users give to them or the brand

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