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Social Media Optimization strategy and planning

Communication strategies in companies or organizations should consider using social media as new channels of conversation and participation of both internal and external users. Enter the world of social networks, it seems a simple task, however, if not properly managed can have the opposite effect to that wish. That is why we must create an action plan to follow so that our experience and consequently, our results are the most beneficial. 
• First, we must learn to listen to what users and potential customers need, express or express, in order to guide our efforts to meet their needs directly. Knowing what to look for, how and where they do. 
• You must define a strategy to follow, without a plan, the use of these networks can be a total disaster. Define goals, resources and how. 
• In the future, you should think more about "conversations" in short-term "campaigns" in the long term. 

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• Social media are NOT the miracle answer to all, it is necessary to be clear about this. 
• You have to commit, these strategies require patience, time and dedication. And above all, participate. 
• If a product, brand or company do not work, the "social media" will not fix it. However, if that does not work is the relationship with the customer, can help. 
• must be measured. We measure results, know what our audience, commitment and loyalty, the influence of our "conversations". There are tools that can help us: TwitterCounter, and google analytics Twinfluence the Facebook fan page. 
• The SMO helps Web positioning (SEO) as it provides new channels and routes traffic to a Web site. Inbound links posted on social networking sites provide new views.


Companies are now investing more time, money and effort in social media. Companies like Ford invests 25% of its budget on social networks. In Venezuela, 68% of the more than 8 million internet users are on social networks. Latin America is the 3rd cluster of internet users in the world (behind China and USA). 45% (75 million users) regularly use social networks. Facebook. Net. Facebook is a social network that has, to date, with over 400 million users worldwide and has been translated into more than 70 languages. There are several alternatives which promote themselves in this network, including the building we have fan pages, groups or through "social ads" or social ads. Social Ads are ads that create social campaigns. It is a system similar to google. Facebook allows you to segment the audience to be targeted by the ad. You can choose the geographic location, age range, gender, keywords are identified with users, level of education, businesses and workplaces, political vision and marital status. For example, we can create an ad targeted only to men between 20 and 30 years old, single, living in USA and are interested in surfing. There are two ways to negotiate with the owner, PPV (pay per view) and PPC (Pay per click) in the form of Pay Per View, advertiser budget a certain amount for every 1000 views of your ad. In PPC (Pay per click) advertising, Facebook agrees to pay certain amount of money per click users. It limits the available budget for the campaign by placing the maximum daily appearance schedule and price. 
1. High focus (targetting) ads. 
2. Prices comfortable. 
3. Generating advertising collateral, sometimes viral. 
4. Integration of advertising content. 
5. Probability of obtaining more specific reports. 
6. Changing dynamics of campaigns. 
7. Ease of use. 
1. Users reduced from search engines. 
2. The profile information is not 100% reliable and may not be complete. (Not all users complete their profile). 
3. Restriction of certain terms. 
4. Rejection of advertising by some users. 
Facebook Pages is a public profile specifically created to represent a business, image, brand or product, it helps in the search engine rankings (SEO) as it is indexed by Google. Advantages: 1. The page is indexed by search engines, that way more people can find outside of Facebook. 2. You can have multiple fan pages (possibly unlimited) for a brand and its products, which is very good for SEO. 3. You can have an unlimited number of fans. 4. You can send messages to all fans. 5. You can customize the fan page applications. 6. Wall and forum discussions. 7. Visitor statistics. 8. Creating and invitation to events. 9. Promotion with social ads. 10. It is advisable to put a subscription form using the primary application for fan pages, you can use: Static FBML. For use, the following tutorial: 11. The publications listed on the homepage of the fans, in the News and Headlines, as any publication of a friend. 
Facebook will track more on this service. But still you can not see this feature in some languages. To prove this you can perform a search from Google Trends, entering the search string in the "More Hot Topics" and then clicking on the "Search latest". For visitor statistics, visitor country, keyword search, maps and more, you can place Google Analytics on a Facebook page. We recommend to start Facebook campaign SMO on Facebook, is to start by creating a profile or page. The pages focus on the brand, company or organization in groups while the focus is on the interaction between members. The two applications work together to further promote our business in this social network. Another option for companies that want to use Facebook for marketing, is to host an event. Events must be delimited in time, to set up an event on Facebook will have to include a start and end date. If you are launching a new product or making an event, do not miss the opportunity to use Facebook to get the word out about it. You can invite your friends, fans and group members. From inside the event page on Facebook, members can send guests information. Use other communication tools to let you know your customers or potential customers, their presence on Facebook. Add a link to your Facebook page from your website. If you are one of the millions of Twitter users, be sure to use this social network on your Facebook marketing campaign, create a new tweet announcing the creation of your page, Facebook group or event and then the link. Do not bombard the group, page or event, sending advertisements all the time, this would generate departing members of our website and take a bad image of the brand. It is advisable to send 2 or 3 posts a week with the latest news and promotions.
Twitter. Microblogging Network. Twitter is a microblogging social network, or what is the same about posting updates, comments, opinions, thoughts or news very short. The messages are 140 characters and can be sent and / or received via computer or mobile device. It has over 100 million users. How can advertise through Twitter? Twitter is a communication platform that helps businesses stay connected to their customers. It can be used to share and learn, maintain relationships with customers, partners and others interested in your company or business, launching products or promotions. Pages or Twitter user profiles can be exploited if known manage, here are some recommendations: 1. Include a biography of the company and / or the names of people who tweet through that account, so additional contact information. 2. Participate, and be prepared to answer any concerns, questions, concerns and / or addressing complaints, suggestions or comments. And above all, respond quickly. 3. Use a friendly and casual tone, and why not, to something fun in the messages. 4. Do not feel obligated to follow all who follow him, but to answer some questions or comments to the company, which in any case, is you. 5. Retweet. People often appreciate the sharing and strengthening of their ideas. However not go overboard. 6. Provide information, post links to sites and / or items that may be interesting, as guides or purchases, even if they are of your company or business. 7. Tweets with real value, like offering exclusive discounts or rebates for twitter followers, or post pictures of the facilities. Making known from within. 8. Place a button that allows users to tweet your articles if you are interested. 9. Tweet not need everything that appears on your site or blog.
Measure the value of Twitter Before configuring measurement tools, focus on the quality of the commitment, and see how things go. What is the reaction and interaction with fans? Are you responding to most of the messages? Do most of the tweets about your company are positive? Or if in principle are mostly negative, are changing for the better? Are more people begin to work with you and talk about your business? Then you have to think about the quantification of experience. Although it may be difficult to estimate the value of relationships, Twitter lends itself to measurement in several ways, especially if you have already defined what is expected to be different in the company in three months, six months or a year if you have success on Twitter. How are you tactics can help assess progress in meeting this objective: • Keeping count answered questions, solved customer problems and positive exchanges held in Twitter. Do they change the percentages over time? • When publishing deals via Twitter, use a promotional coupon code so you can only tell how many people respond on Twitter based on the promotion. If you have a website, you can create a landing page (landing page) for a promotion, to track not only the behavior but also clicks and conversions. • Use third-party tools to find out how much traffic your websites are receiving from Twitter. • Calculate the clicks on each link to be published in a tweet. Some URL shortening services allow you to track clicks.
YouTube video community is the world's most popular online and allows millions of users to find, view and share videos created natively. It has over 300 million users worldwide and two billion views a day. Media advocacy advertising banners Youtube channels: some Youtube channels have promotional banners, many of them related to the general theme that the group specific video seeks to highlight. The banners occupy a small space above the general user information and not mobile, but simply act as static promotion. Text Ads are the latest innovation in marketing virtual advertising (though not always made for advertising as such), as by individual sentences invite to visit a certain website, write comments, or, as is their main intention, promote a product or service. These text ads can further include reviews, tips and more. Adwords is one of the tools that Google popularized in general for all their services, but which reached a remarkable brand youtube so the union of words or phrases with dissemination of audiovisual productions were a pretty interesting method commodification . Google has launched a new feature called AdWords Youtube Video Targeting Tool with which we can choose the video and show the channel where our text ads or display. With this tool we can make a media plan, choosing by country, format, keywords or type of audience they want to target our ads. This tool also provides information about our ad impressions will. After selecting the media plan, we add it to our adwords account and ready
Through youtube channels that are created to at check-in page, we present our promotional videos or take options offered youtube. Linkedin. network business. LinkedIn is a growing professional network that allows its members to create business contacts, search for jobs and find potential customers. Users have the ability to create your own professional profile that can be viewed by others in their network, and also view profiles of your contacts. LinkedIn also serves as an effective for employers and job seekers can review listings on other professional information. LinkedIn follows strict privacy guidelines in which all connections made are mutually confirmed and people only appear in the LinkedIn network with your explicit consent. through Linkedin can: 1. Manage information as a professional that is available publicly. 2. Find and get presentations to potential clients, service providers and experts recommended in a subject. 3. Creating and collaborate on projects, gather data , share files and solve problems 4. be found for business opportunities and find potential partners. 5. Acquire new knowledge through discussions with like-minded professionals in private groups. 6. Discover & contacts of interest, which can help achieve or close employment contracts. 7. Promote and distribute job listings to find the most qualified candidates for your company. leads your customers to LinkedIn

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