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If you are new to these things and you have web pages and sites, the best way to increase your organic traffic is to write unique, interesting and quality content that is mainly focused towards your targeted market. Remember that webmasters are also browsing the internet and if your content is so valuable, then they would want their websites to link to your websites. Take note that the search engines will immediately pick up your valuable content and slowly give your web pages and sites more authority because of the knowledge that you had shared to the world wide web. The more quality content you are giving the higher authority for your web pages and sites that will let you earn more plus it shall lead to more targeted free traffic. So be bear in mind that if you have a new website, your primary goal is to get an authority status first and after that you can already link to famous authority websites that are well recognized by big search engines due to their good services and popular keywords. Take note that the main factor that will contribute to acquire this kind of status is the number of links pointing to your web pages and sites.

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You need to identify link partners that have related topics or themes to your websites. If the contents provided in the linked website do not match with yours, the result will be truly be bad so try to avoid it to happen. If you want to have good back links, you need time to prepare informative articles and educational materials that promote products or services offered in your web pages and sites. These new articles that contain links to your web pages and sites should be submitted to different article directory submission services. Take note that there are a lot of categories in the article directories so make sure that you submit your new articles under the right category. A lot of these article directories already have very good rankings, so articles that belong to their sites are capable of generating a large amount of traffic to your web pages and sites. A very good strategy for building links is to rewrite some of your web pages and sites' contents and resubmit them. To attract quality incoming links, it's so important to have very informative articles because they draw valuable links.

You also need to consider that when it comes to successful link building, you should include back links for your web pages and sites in the article body or in the author bio area that is often allowed and provided by article service sites. These needed back links for your web pages and sites will soon be discovered by search engines and will mostly improve your link popularity. There are really good article service sites that can really help you build back links and all you need to do is to set up a free author account. I can give you some examples like Ezinearticles, Articlebase and Articlealley. Try to write a very good article pertaining to your area of expertise and submit new articles to each of those article sites then you can see your web pages and sites climb up and even end up at the first page of Google and Yahoo. If you like, you can just rewrite the article for submission to different article sites in order to avoid duplicate content issues. Search engines are quick to filter duplicate content in search results so by changing your entire article, you're protecting the original content of your site and it wouldn't be lowered down in the page rankings. Never copy other people's articles because it is plagiarism and article service sites can also detect it.

There is also a better way to get inbound links by answering questions on forums and posting good solutions to their queries. Think of ways to be of help to people so that you can gain trust. If you simply make a short comment that is not valuable in order to leave your name and website's URL in the posting, you are wrong because it will not do good for your web pages and sites. Search engines may analyze what you are doing so it is better not give comments on forums or blogs if you can't share informative solutions to people. Try to establish a link building plan like getting links to pages other than your home page. Tag popular and interesting websites related to your written articles in social bookmarking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Yahoo Buzz. People may follow the trail and reach to your website if you had written unique and quality articles. You can even earn while acquiring back links from your web pages and sites by submitting articles to Hubpages, Ehow and Squiddo.

Do not welcome any reciprocal link nowadays where you can obtain a link in exchange for another because reciprocal linking is no longer valuable these days. Google can detect link exchanges and is giving them no importance at all. It may also lower your site's ranking if you can link to sites that have bad reputation on the web because they only enjoy spamming. A good way to start successful link building is to check first your web pages and sites then try to examine every page, check your written articles for correct spelling and grammar then search for valuable keywords relevant to the topic. Recheck the importance of those keywords through keyword research tool and finally choose the ones which have high volume search for online users. Link building truly takes time and effort on your part but you can reap the rewards later if you keep on trying. Just try to be optimistic and use different and effective link building strategies for the success of your web pages and sites so that its organic traffic will grow and therefore help increase your income.

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