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Writing Quality Web Content Assistance for SEO

If you have ever gone online to look for product information or certain services, you may well have seen a lot of captivating Web sites with beautiful designs and attractive images and videos. You may have stumbled upon the site and asked why it's not on the first page of your browser with its reliability. Then, while reading the content, you may have noticed that the key phrases you used to search for it were scarcely in the content. If you thought that was the culprit, you hit the nail on the head!

How important are key phrases in Web Content?

So important are the key phrases in Web content that they are placed in the title itself and in the first 100 words in the article. In addition, it is advisable that the first three words of your title contain the keywords. Key phrases determine the visibility of your content. When a surfer hits the search button on his browser, the search engine uses the key phrases on your content to know what it is about.

How to write good content for SEO
By putting a lot of key phrases on your article, you can make sure that it is readable by the search engine. What draws the line between Web content writing and journalistic writing is that the former has to make sure the content is searchable by following this SEO guideline for content writing.

How do I know the right key phrases to use to attract visitors - SEO Help?

Write down the words a surfer may use to look for the product or services you offer. Include related key phrases or its variations. For instance, instead of just writing "restaurant", consider phrases such as "Filipinos favorite cuisine" or "Manila's best recipes", depending on what your research tells you about the most commonly used phrases surfers use; and yes, include the place. Usually, surfers don't bother reading an article on a product if it is not in the place they are concerned about.

But what do you do if you find out that the key phrases commonly used by the surfers digress from the services your site aims to offer? Actually, some site owners consider making alterations on their site to make sure it is SEO optimized and find ways to incorporate the key phrases on their site.

If the place of concern, for example, is known for its beaches, parks and other tourist attractions, and most keywords used are related to it; but what you intend to promote is a new educational institution, you could include updates and links to these attractions and at the same time draw the focus of attention to what you wish to advertise. Doing so would make key phrases work for you to rank high in the search results.

What are some other factors to consider for essentials content writing?

Content writing is not just about key phrases; the overall quality of your content is taken into account.

One important key to writing a content that will generate traffic is to write from the visitor's point of view; that is, to write with their expectations and questions in mind.

This point then leads us to another important consideration: be specific and direct to the point but informative and creative. Beating around the bush, wordiness and inclusion of unrelated topics can turn visitors off; as most surfers want to get information in the minimum of time.

Staying focused on the topic doesn't mean writing pedestrian articles. Creativity is still important for it is one of the factors that attract visitors besides the comprehensiveness of the content. The use of key phrases for the search engine should be balanced by good writing style for the readers.

How do I add hyperlinks in?

We usually see hyperlinks labeled "click here" or "learn more." To benefit much from the use of hyperlinks, use more descriptive labels. Instead of telling the visitors to "click here" to get the list of 10 most visited beaches in Asia, label the hyperlink as "Top 10 beaches in Asia." Vivid hyperlinks help visitors navigate better.

You could take advantage of using hyperlinks to make sure your site is more readable by search engines. Remember, search engines look for keywords to know what your content is all about so if you use the right keywords on your links, you get a chance to rank higher.

Search engines do not evaluate yours site as a whole; every page is assessed independently. Therefore, writing on every page is an opportunity to add more keywords, generate more traffic, rank high, attract more visitors and earn more!

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